Disability insurance is not ultimately about disability; it is about protecting a person’s or family’s financial future in the event of a disabling accident or sickness. The vast majority of Americans do not have enough savings to pay their expenses during even a short-term emergency. Many could not tap into their retirement funds because they are very limited. Even those who have retirement savings, do not want to jeopardize their golden years.


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We are focused on delivering full-spectrum solutions to our customers. This often means something different for each situation. Whether we're working with an individual case or multi-life cases, all of our clients benefit from our years of proven experience and success in this ever-changing field. From the latest technology to progressive sales concepts, we offer unbiased, cost-effective solutions to help your clients obtain the disability coverage that meets their objectives.


Recognized as one of the preeminent wholesale resources for individual disability products. We provide unmatched expertise and superior service to Fortune 1000 financial service corporations, national and regional broker-dealers, insurance agencies and agents & brokers.


Our primary goal is to serve our dedicated relationships through value-added education, plan design, underwriting, claims assistance, distribution of products, and administration in partnership with the best of class carriers.


Understanding the many policy options and riders available is another area where an experienced advisor is crucial. Our representatives will help you in assessing which type of policy and riders will deliver the best benefits and features for your clients.


Our proactive support services are there to assist you each step of the way, from quote submission, to pre-underwriting, to carrier and product selection, underwriting, policy delivery and commission payment.


Disability Insurance is a complicated field, and our representatives support you throughout the year to assist with ongoing education on a variety of subjects, including how to best utilize disability insurance within existing financial plans, business continuation plans and more.
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Passion is the driving force behind all we do. By channeling it into action, we do incredible things. Born of passion that arose from founder John Nichols’ own experience with a disability, Capitas has earned a reputation for unequalled expertise in one of the insurance industry’s most complex areas.